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The Waste Bin 7. Episode 3

2010-03-10 06:28:18 by MarkSW

Work on the episode 3 has already begun and I hope it'll be finished sometime.
The previous two episodes were not translated and most of you didn't understand what's going on there so I think I'll try to translate all the parts and embed subtitles in it as soon as third episode is ready!

The Waste Bin 7. Episode 3


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2010-04-05 14:21:50

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(Updated ) MarkSW responds:

metseldr, do you think I understand what did you write?
Cyrillic is not allowed here!


2010-04-17 07:49:29

Hahaha... metselder.


2010-04-19 07:14:06

Pochemu ti pishesh na angliskom dlya russkih? o_O

MarkSW responds:

'cause I hate a transliteration!
plus if you didn't understand anything, you wouldn't attend this site.


2010-04-19 10:10:51

I understand everything!


2010-06-13 13:45:57

Hah,,, You draw very fucking well... Ad you draw using a mouse, no graphic tablets!

MarkSW responds:

h'm.. thx :)
And the tablets are for fags!
...I just soothe myself so because I haven't that great thing! :)


2010-07-21 00:01:02



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